5 Places that must be visited for families in Bali

5 Places that must be visited for families in Bali


Hello Bali travelers … do you all often visit Bali? or will visit the island of Bali? on this occasion I will give tips for you to make your Bali vacation enjoyable with interesting places that you must visit. Everyone certainly has a vacation destination to get peace from the tight work in your city. Of course, with a fairly short vacation time makes you think hard going to find the best tourist spots on the island of Bali. here we provide some of the best spots to get an exciting holiday atmosphere and good photo spots:

1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing is a tourist attraction that is currently popular on this Island of the Gods. How not, Bali Swing sendri facilities to provide a vehicle that is very popular with women to get instagrammable photos by playing the swing. The selan in Bali Swing also has rides besides swings, for example: there is rafting as well, photos on bird cages with views of the Ayung Ubud river, there is also a tour using a VW car to Kintamani.




2. Kintamani Hot Spring

If you are looking for a place to calm your mind and rest your body from the rigors of daily routine, this place is very suitable for you because bathing with warm water really helps you be calmer, more relaxed than bathing in cold water . besides bathing with warm water, you can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur and the exotic Mount Batur here.



3. Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul Temple is very well known by domestic or international tourists. Tirta Empul Temple is one of the many temples visited by tourists because of its peaceful atmosphere. In this temple you can perform a ritual of cleansing yourself from the negative aura attached to you. This temple is very well known as a place for self-cleaning for the community around and internationally. So many tourists who come to visit to do self cleaning d this place. This place is also widely visited by world and local artists. So this temple is a good place to get peace and photo spots.



4. Sangeh Monkey Forest

In Bali, there are many monkey forests such as: Ubud, Uluwatu, Tabanan, Karangasem. But this monkey forest is a place that we highly recommend because of its strategic location, the price of admission that is not too expensive and you can take selfies with the monkeys here. The monkeys here are quite calm and not crazy or dangerous compared to other monkey sites.




5. Bali Pulina

Bali pulina is a place to eat Luwak coffee or Bali coffee for those of you who really like coffee. However, Bali Pulina is not just enjoying coffee, here you can also enjoy various types of Balinese tea and snacks which are still traditional ways of processing. Besides that the view in this place is so enchanting that a good coffee place with a view that is difficult to find in the city. Here there is also a natural swimming pool which is not so big but enough to make you interested in bathing here. In Bali pulina there are also 2 swing rides if you want to boost your adrenaline.




Now the 5 places above are suitable places for your holiday destination with friends, girlfriends, or family. Because this place is a place where many tourists visit to calm down from the crowded work atmosphere, click video here . You can go to this place by renting a vehicle that is widely available in Bali. Hopefully this article can help you provide ideas for your next destination to the island of Bali. Also visit some interesting tours that you must visit in Bali at this link Click Here


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