if you are confused looking for tourist attractions in east  bali , we will provide some interesting tourist destinations in the east bali region



This place presents the view of the temple with the relief of each wall looks unique and beautiful, as the name suggests, on the main area of the temple yard, there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats, his life hanging in the mouth and in the cave, looks so unique. There are caves and bats, so called Goa Lawah. Its location in the village Pesinggahan which is where a number of food stalls with processed fresh fish.





Lempuyang Temple, locally referred to as Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is one of Bali’s oldest and most highly regarded temples, on par with Besakih (aka the ‘mother temple’ of Bali). It is also believed to predate the majority of Hindu temples on the island.The main temple lies at 1,175m above sea level, up on the peak of the namesake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali. The heights are reachable via a steep staircase of over 1,700 steps, with attractions along the way including several other temples and hordes of grey long-tailed macaques that inhabit the surrounding cool mountain forests.




Bali Tirta Gangga Park is one of the famous tourist destinations in east part of Bali and it is one the stop points of tourist object on Bali East Tour  Itinerary. In the middle of park, there are many small statues are intentionally set on the stone to decorate the park in order to make a good looking. All of the statues are taken from the Hindu Historical epos like Maha Bharata or Ramayana. On this page, we present the statue photo at Tirta Gangga Park.Tirta gangga places in 1.2 hectares in area which consists of three complexes. The first complex that is at the very bottom to find two teratati ponds and fountains. The second complex is the center where it can be found in a swimming pool, while, on the third part, namely the third.





One of the focal landmarks of Candidasa is the lotus lagoon, which provides a spectacular sight with its expansive body of water filled with pink and fuchsia lotuses, and a small garden island with statues at its centre. The lagoon is free to the public, and is accessible from the roadside. Across the road on a higher elevation is the temple that the area is named after, featuring twin shrines under a densely forested hillside.








Telaga Waja is a popular river in the Karangasem regency, which offers a ‘more serious’ white water challenge than Ayung River. Plus, it’s perfect for those looking for an adventurous time out in the Bali outback, featuring various natural and cultural highlights along its 14km course. At the rafting base, you’ll team up with a knowledgeable local guide who’ll show you how to ‘tame’ these wild waters, and throughout the course you’ll pass bamboo bridges, shoot over waterfalls, and spin through lazy sections of calmer water. At the end of your adventure, you’ll cap off your adventure with a delicious Indonesian buffet-style lunch, overlooking the vista with the river you’ve just conquered.


Tukad Cepung Bali Waterfall is now the latest favorite destination on the Island of the Gods. Its beauty and natural beauty, making this place as a fitting location for a moment forget the hubbub of the big city atmosphere. The location is hidden and access is a little difficult, not necessarily discourage tourists to come see the beauty of nature. Tukad Cepung Bali Waterfall location is surrounded by rock cliffs that add unique uniqueness. Visitors must sneak between the cliffs that almost resemble a cave before reaching this Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Not only bathe under thE waterfall, visitors can also capture the moment here while taking pictures. The beauty of Tukad Cepung Waterfall would be a beautiful setting when photographing selfie.



Mahagiri Panoramic Resort & Restaurant offers 8 well- appointed rooms with beautiful garden and mountain views and an interior design that signifies harmonious blend of minimalist and traditional Balinese style decorations




Kerta Gosa, located in downtown Klungkung. Historic building of Gelgel king’s heritage, this cultural heritage site is still well maintained until now. On the ceiling of the building is filled with wayang paintings, the result of Kamasan village puppet artist. The building is open (bale) and is part of Semarapura castle.
through a number of winding hills and finally arrived at the parking lot of Bukit Jambul, here we see the beautiful rice terraces from the altitude. Clove gardens located along the road follow the winding roads, adding to the attraction of Bukit Jambul. Located about 500 mdpl so it is quite cool, relax here while enjoying the lunch will feel more ideal.

Bali Besakih Temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali which the local people call Pura Besakih. It owns beautiful view from the top of temple area where we can see the wide nature panorama until to the ocean so that way this temple is many visited by tourists from all over the world. Besakih Temple is located in Besakih countryside, Rendang sub district, Karangasem regency, east part of the island. It is located in southwest side bevel of mount Agung, the biggest mounts in Bali. It is because pursuant to Agung Mount confidence is holiest and highest mount in Bali Island.




Blue Lagoon Beach is one of East Bali’s best secluded beaches. The beach lies just northeast of the main beach of Padangbai and is framed by green and rocky hills on both sides. You can pick a sunbathing spot right on the sand or, if you prefer, opt for a space in the shade as the entire edge of the beach is lined with palm trees.
The bay is mostly calm throughout the year and it’s best to swim at higher tide due to the proximity of the reef. Also, if you’re up for some diving adventures the waters around Blue Lagoon are high on East Bali’s top ‘must-do’ lists. Diving boats take a five-minute boat ride from Padangbai and underneath the waves, prepare for sightings of large Napoleon wrasse, reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue ribbon eels, nudibranchs, rays, squids and octopuses, giant frogfish, cuttlefish and others. 



Amed Beach in Bali is most likely already in your Bali travel itinerary if you’re a keen diver. The island’s eastern shoreline boasts an underwater playground, and Amed Beach is among the favourite between two main sites (the other being Tulamben, 25km to the north). Amed Beach in Bali was once best known for its traditional salt farming. Soon after its beautiful underwater trove was unveiled, with an historical shipwreck adding to its natural features, Amed Beach became a favourite among divers, particularly Jemeluk Bay. 





Diving is the main activity in Tulamben. The dive sites off Tulamben’s coast are not to be missed. Even beginners can make it their first open water dive site. Snorkelling in Tulamben is also good, with great visibility and plenty of schooling fish to see. Try the USAT Liberty wreck, some 30 meters off the shore. Guides can lead you through the different parts of the wreck. You can even explore beyond the site. A drop-off with amazing coral gardens teeming with colourful marine life. The Boga shipwreck is another great wreck dive in Tulamben. It’s more recent compared to Liberty, and is surrounded by unique sunken objects. Among these are a range of statues and a classic Volkswagen 181 next to its cargo hatch.





Taman Ujung Karangasem or often referred to as Taman Sukasada, one of the tourist attractions in east Bali which is rarely known by domestic tourists.For those who have done pre wedding photos in Bali, Sukasada park attractions must have been heard or indeed do pre wedding photos. The question is, what is the connection with Taman Ujung Karangasem with pre wedding photos in Bali?Taman Ujung Karangasem, one of the favorite places for brides to do pre wedding photos. Both prospective Balinese brides or from other regions in Indonesia.


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You can choose the destination you want that suits your needs. For a one-day tour  we offer the 5 choice of destination you need. if your tour time is more than 12 hours then you will be charged an extra fee of 50,000 / hour.

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Inclusion :

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Note :

  • add charge IDR 300K ( 1 box Beer Bintang )
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Area Covered for Pick Up :

Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar, Benoa Harbour, Pecatu , Ungasan, Ubud, CangguPlease contact us for pick up in different area

Note :

• Regular Tours Price : is a Bali day tours price without include lunch and entrance fee, you need to pay by your own self.

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