Have you ever visited the lempuyang temple ? or what is known as the heaven gate of Bali?. The temple, locally referred to as Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is one of Bali’s oldest and most highly regarded temples, on par with Besakih (aka the ‘mother temple’ of Bali). It is also believed to predate the majority of Hindu temples on the island.The main temple lies at 1,175m above sea level, up on the peak of the namesake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali. The heights are reachable via a steep staircase of over 1,700 steps, with attractions along the way including several other temples and hordes of grey long-tailed macaques that inhabit the surrounding cool mountain forests . The first to come into view on the pilgrimage, this temple offers an impressive sight with its towering dragon staircases – perfect for photos. The best views are higher up the stairs, where you can see all the way across the green forested slopes and neighbouring Mount Agung, Bali’s highest peak and abode of Besakih Temple.  After enjoying the views at this first stop, the main site of Lempuyang Temple is still another thousand and a half or so steps up, slightly intimidating for most visitors. Nevertheless, the locals believe that pilgrims with a heavy heart will never make it to the top, hence the spiritual aspect of the climb. The locals strongly believe that besides maintaining respectful behaviour and speech, you shouldn’t complain on your way up – otherwise, you’ll never succeed reaching the main temple at the peak. This place is famous for the photos that are very charming. yes that’s right, the results of the photo are produced through reflections from a mirror to get an effect like reflections in water. Because before using a mirror, this place was flooded with a lot of water during the rainy season. So when taking a picture occurs the reflection of the image due to the effect of the water. it’s impossible to put a lot of water every day to get beautiful photos, so now using a mirror instead of that water. the right time to visit here is in the morning. if during the day, sometimes clouds cover the surface of Mount Agung and visitors will also be very crowded.





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