Hello WELCOME TO BALI ONE PARADISE. This time we will discuss about  “NYEPI” or  “SILENCE DAY”  ceremony in Bali and whatever activities are carried out before the Nyepi or Silent day . Nyepi  or Silent Day is one of the Balinese Hindu holidays which is held once a year in accordance with the Balinese calendar. Nyepi or Silence Day comes from the word sepi (silent). Nyepi or Silence Day is awaited by the Balinese people themselves, why? because Nyepi or Silence Day is a place where Hindus do 4 retreats or other names 4 restrictions for Hindus people themselves. in addition there is also a celebration of the ogoh-ogoh parade which is very lively and also has the cultural significance of the island of Bali. The following are 4 tratha brathas that Hindus must do, namely:

1. Observe Geni: it is forbidden to light a fire. the meaning of fire itself, fire, lamp or light, and in my opinion the fire within us or can be called anger, lust or hatred
2. Observe the work: Hindus are prohibited from doing activities such as, working, exercising, playing and others
3. Observe the environment: Hindus are forbidden from traveling out of the house in order to give our bodies a short break for a year that has worked very hard
4. Observe the auction: Hindus are forbidden to seek worldly entertainment such as gambling, drinking, playing games and other worldly hibura with the aim of providing peace of mind and reflecting on the life to come.

The day before the “Nyepi” Silence Day event was held, the Hindu Balinese community celebrated the ogoh – ogoh (bhuta yadnya) march in all areas of the island of Bali. The ogoh-ogoh parade aims to cleanse Bali’s nature from negative energy and replace it to be more positive. Therefore this ogoh – ogoh is made to resemble the figure of a devil, a giant who has the idea of ​​black magic.

The day before the parade, the Balinese community purified the great bhuana (universe) and bhuana alit (human nature). During the Nyepi or Silence Day, all public services are canceled, such as Ngurah Rai Airport, Harbor, Shopping Centers, etc. Except for hospital services. The celebration of Nyepi or Silence Day starts at 06.00 am – 06.00 am (24 hours). After the Nyepi or Silence Day celebration is over, the Balinese people will purify themselves on the beach close to their homes and do Dharma Shanti with extended family or neighbors by apologizing to each other, thanking for a new, better life. There are still many other activities held on this holiday, so if you are curious about how the atmosphere of this Nyepi or Silence Day, you should try it. You will feel the silence, calmness, natural sounds that we rarely hear out there.
Suggestion :
• The day before Nyepi you should prepare food, drinks etc. for those who stay at the villa or hostel, because the supermarket will be closed before 7 pm on the day before the Nyepi holiday
• For those who do not stay at the hotel the possibility of an internet signal will go out or the TV broadcast will also go out
• It is strictly forbidden to do activities that make noise that disturbs the Nyepi event itself if you do not want to deal with the police
• Keep maintaining the sanctity of the Nyepi ceremony itself.

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